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Message  Christine le Mer 16 Sep - 12:25

The EASBTC have these 3 fellas who are all in real need of new homes. They have all been looking for love for many months, none of them are really bad boys, they just need a common sense approach, from an experienced owner.
Can anyone help one of them, or do you know of anyone who might be able to welcome a lively lad into their life? Naturally, we would only invite enquiries from homes where no other animals are already resident!
Of course, any potential owners would be home checked by the EASBTC rescue, and would have the support of the club for the rest of the dogs life.


CASPER is a big white 4 year old lad, very strong and pulls like a train on the lead, is dog aggressive and distracted on the lead by virtually everything, birds, cats, dogs, planes, cars........... On the plus side, indoors he is gentleness itself, very easy to live with, takes food gently, plays and gives up toys no problem.  He is also neutered, wormed, frontlined and inoculated. He has lived with children. He is currently in a foster home but has to leave there on 11th August..........................  He needs an experienced home but actually would be fine in a home which has a secure garden with no doggy neighbours where the owners didn't mind not taking him out to exercise him.

FRED is around 4 years old and a brindle male - therein lies his problem - he's pretty much Mr Average in that he isn't flashily marked or a cutsie puppy.  He has been castrated and is inoculated and has been in kennels now for a good few months which is not the right place for a Stafford.  He doesn't like other dogs but when I visited him at the kennels he was in a paddock while there was a dog bouncing around noisily in its run only 20 feet away and he was ignoring it while he was playing with us.  He is a big strong lad so needs someone who could physically handle him and who understands the breed and knows that he must be kept on lead and under control.

NELSON is a pied lad, aged about 2 years old.  He is still in his home but needs to come out ASAP.  Neutered, microchipped, inoculated, he's fine around the house and is used to being left for fairly long periods.  He currently lives with children.  His ONLY vice is he doesn't like other dogs, having said that Jo Ann feels that he would be reasonably controlled on a lead around other dogs but his present home insists on taking him out off lead and he has got himself in to trouble on a few occasions with other dogs.  He needs somewhere that understands that Staffords need to be on lead and under control in public places for their own good as well as the good of the breed!

If you are interested in any of the dogs above or have a general query, HYPERLINK ""  Please let us know your name, address and contact details in the first instance.
If you would like further information on the dogs above contact Jo Ann our rescue co-ordinator an HYPERLINK " EASBTC Rescue Page" or ring her on our rescue mobile 07912 359 058 - Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays only please between 8am - 7pm

We also need foster homes, home checkers, assessors and general transport help, give Jo a ring or email if you can help

It should be ok to cross post, but of course we will be looking for homes in the UK, preferable East Anglian region,

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