The English White Terrier

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The English White Terrier

Message  Christine le Sam 25 Mai - 10:13

The terriers dog breed, occassionally called earth dogs have been recognized since the early 18th century in Great Britain. This dog breed is generally know as terriers or earth dogs. The early dog owers grouped the terrier dog breed into single classification of terriers, no distinction was made between different subcategories. What classification that did exist was in accordance with their origin.
In the middle 19th century as dog shows became popular, the division of the terriers dog breed into classification occured. Owner began creating new dog breeds from the existing terrier stock. To improve the new dog breed’s image, colorful and interesting histories were created. The English White Terrier, an exiting terrier dog breed was renamed and presented as a new dog breed.
As a dog breed, the English White Terrier tips the scale at between 12 to 20 pounds. This terrier dog breed is known for it smooth white coat with muzzle narrowing to a black nosel. The head is wedge shaped with a flat skull. His eyes will be oval, bright black, and set close together.. The white terrier has nicely pricked ears that are unnecessarily cropped by their owners. The English White Terrier has a moderately long tail which is tappers from a thick base to a point.
Englist White Terriers, also known as the Old English Terrier is a lost dog breed that has become extinct. Our knowledge of the dog breed’s conformation is based upon 19th century writings and portraits. The White English Terrier got it name of earth dog because of its love of chasing prey into their burrows and maddly digging after them. All terriers have this love of following their prey whenever they go to ground. A terrier maybe happiest digging into a burrow after it prey. However, English White Terriers dog breed were breed to become delicate, fragile dogs and lost their abilities as great hunters following their prey into burrows. Thus this dog breed became less than an ideal hunting companion and may have contributed to it extinction. The Old English or English White Terrier was a champion of the show ring for a period of time.
Genetic Disorders in a Dog Breed
This terrier breed had genetic disorders, such as partial or total deafness. This genetic disorder was ignored as this terrier was breed for the show ring and became of little use as a hunter or working dog. In addition to excelling in the show ring, they were outstanding lap dogs. They were affectionate dogs and respond well to handling as lap dog by the ladies and children of the era.
The extinction of the English White Terrier is directly linked to genetic disorder and the failure to maintain a working stock on the farm and country estates. Even thought the Old English Terrier or English White Terrier is extinct, it has left us with an important legacy. Many of today’s terriers are decendents of the English White Terrier or Old English Terrier. The Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russel Terrier, Fox Terrier and Sealyhan Terrier are all decendents of the English White Terrier. Even in extinction, the English White Terrier provides us with an excellent learning example.

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