Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Rare colour ?

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Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Rare colour ?

Message  Christine le Lun 7 Jan - 7:25

Common misconceptions: That blue is a rare colour and the puppies are therefore worth more money.
Truth: Approx. 50% of all staffords recently registered were blue, so more than all other recognised colours registered added together!
You can expect to pay between £550 to £650 for a responsibly bred staffordshire bull terrier, the parents having been health tested for L2HGA, HC, PHPV and PPSC. Puppies can also be litter screened prior to rehoming and micro-chipped. Any responsible breeder will offer life time help with your puppy.
So please do not pay high amounts for any puppy, especially if they have any less than the above!!! –

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