The Victorian Bulldog Standard

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The Victorian Bulldog Standard

Message  Brian le Jeu 28 Juin - 19:25

*The Victorian Bulldog Foundation Standard*


Should favour the look of the Bulldog of circa 1890. Possessing no exaggeration of features that could impede movement and breathing. A medium size, smooth coated dog with a solid but active countenance. Large headed, broad muzzled with sort face, broad in chest rather short in body with hindquarters some what higher being not as heavy as foreparts, but not so as to destroy the symmetry of a muscular athlete.


Although fierce and formidable in appearance, must possess a steady, loyal and dependable nature, being bold without aggression, with a proud air of nothing to prove.


Should be large with circumference being equal to or slightly larger than the shoulder height. Cheeks rounded and extended sideways beyond the eyes. Muzzle broad with slight turn up of under jaw. Length from stop to tip of nose no shorter than 1" but no greater than 2". Nostrils large and open, black preferred but Dudley acceptable. Flews broad and hanging over jaw at sides. Bite undershot but not to the excess that teeth are visible when mouth is closed. Wry mouth undesired. Eyes from front, set wide apart neither bulging or sunken and on no account should haw be visible.


Rose preferred, button or Tulip not carried erect or cropped.


Thick strong and arched possessing length with skin forming dewlaps on each side.


Chest broad, deep with well sprung ribs, compact but still flexible. Slightly narrowing at the loins. Abdomen should be tucked up, on no account rotund. Roach back desired but only slight.


Forelegs muscular, straight and wide apart. Elbows slightly away from ribs. Pasterns straight and strong. Hind legs powerfully muscled, with well let down hocks, a distinct turn of stifle. Feet round and compact.


Either straight or kinked rather short in length ideally not hanging below the hocks and not carried above the back. A tight screw tail not desired. Not docked.


Short and soft.


All shades of brindle, white/pied, red, fawn and fallow either solid or with white markings. Black or black & Tan not desired.


Free flowing with plenty of drive, should walk its width.


Males ideally 17-19" & 55-70lbs

Females ideally 16-18" & 50-60lbs

Please Note:

The VBF Victorian Bulldog standard for size & weight has been altered from the original standard set out by Ken Mollett 10 years ago. When
original standard was set it was NOT seen as a blueprint, but more of a
standard for that era, considering the breeds used in the creation of
the Victorian Bulldog the size of the dogs should stabilise the further the
program progresses. Thus the amendment in standard reflects this
bringing the dogs closer in size of which they were meant to represent in
the Victorian era.

Soundness should not be sacrificed by size. It is well documented that
in every breed not all dogs will fit standard this will not deter from
the fact the dog is still a VB.

If breeding a litter of VB, s it is advisable to breed from 2 dogs
fitting or as close to new standard as possible. This will help in the
development of the VBF program.

Males without two testicles clearly descended will not be bred from.

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