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Chewing for dogs is as natural as eating. They chew for many reasons - they could be bored, anxious, have too much energy, be stressed or just getting new teeth. They don't know that this is your new pair of shoes, brand new chair or your childs new toys. It is best to provide them with plenty of toys and chews to distract them from chewing on everything else.

Hard rubber toys or rawhides are the best, don't give them things which can break up as they could choke on any bits that comes off the toy. If you give your puppy a teddy or soft toy make sure the eyes and noses are removed as the will chew these off first and keep an eye on them as they will pull out the stuffing and could swallow it.

Until you can trust your dog not to chew his way through your home never leave him/her unsupervised if you must leave him/her, confine him/her to one room and remove anything you dont want destroyed. Leave him/her with several toys and some chews and always praise him when you see him/her with these things. Kongs stuffed with treats are great to distract and keep puppies busy.

If you can't allocate a space for him/her you can always leave him/her in a crate with food, water and toys until you return. For more information about crate trainning click here.

Whatever you do if the dog does destroy something there no point in telling him off after the fact he will have no idea of why he is being punished.

Some beeds are more destructive than others unfortunately the staffordshire bull terrier can be one of the worst because of their very strong jaws.

Plenty of exercise can help with some problems because a tired dog is mostly a good dog. Providing mental stimulation through games and puzzles for your pup is also great to keep it busy and tire it out.

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