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Bringing a new puppy into your home needs time for you both to get used to each other. You should help your puppy adjust to his new family and the loss of his mother, siblings and home. Iif you have other dogs in the family it can help or you could bring 2 puppies together.

The puppy needs supervision all day if he is to learn his boundaries, and cause the least damage in your home, He needs if possiblie to be kept in your sights so your instructions are consistent. House him in a secure area when you leave him at any time or in a room in which he can cause no damage. The area ahould have warm bedding with several toys, water & food. Toileting and walking before being left is ideal.

At a time when bonding with his new family is important punishment should be avoided if possible. Saying NO in a deep voice should be sufficient. Praise is very important to all dogs. use this as much as you can.

Provide plenty of toys(expecially chewing toys) for your puppy as this is one of their favourite pass times. When being supervised they can be allowed to explore without fear of problems. You must show plenty of affection & play with your puppy everyday.

House training can be done in a few days but this does not mean that you can allow your puppy to roam anywhere unsupervsised and accidents do happen. Puppies have the urge to toilet within 30 minutes of. sleeping, playing feeding and drinking. Always put your puppy in the designated area after all these activities. They can get used to toileting on command always reward them with praise or treats. When indoors you will get used to the signs he demonstrates when needing to toilet and be able to take him outside. These maybe circling, squatting, sneaking off, and waiting at the door. When you take him outside make sure he does something before you take him back inside & always praise him. By taking the dog regularly through the same door to the same place and by giving rewards the dog should soon go towards the door when needing to go to the toilet. At night the time between when they need to toilet will get longer as they become older.

Generally your puppy needs to be accident free under supervision for at least a month before you can leave him on his own, Never go out before taking him outside for toileting.

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